CG Survey Questions

by Jan 4, 2020

Hello CG Leaders,

Here is a list of the survey questions that were sent to new and new/transfer members after the first semester of our Community Group ministry 2019/2020.

These questions were created with you, the leaders, in mind and to help us analyze and evaluate meaningful feedback to improve this ministry and seek to achieve the purpose of getting folks CONNECTED and LOVED on at the Village Church through this ministry.

  1. Are you satisfied with the Community Group that you are attending?
  2. Are you safe to share your joys and sorrows in your group?
  3. Is discussion time spread evenly among the group attendees or controlled by a few?
  4. Do you feel cared for by your group leaders?
  5. Do you have weekly contact (email, phone call, text, or in person hello) with folks within your group outside of your group meeting?
  6. How is prayer a part of your Community Group?
  7. What is your priority to attend your CG?
  8. How has this CG encouraged you in your walk with the Lord?
  9. What Community Group do you attend?
  10. What is something that your CG leaders have done well this semester that we can encourage them in?
  11. Is there anything else that you’d like our CG Discipleship Pastor or the CG Mobilizer to know about the Community Group Ministry at Village Church?

After the results and feedback from this survey come in, I will be reaching out to you, CG leaders, with more details about what we learn and how we can grow this ministry.

Thank you for all that you do to serve the people of Village Church!