A Closer Look- How to Study a Book of the Bible

October 15, 2019

While being in a Community Group is a great opportunity to connect and love the people from our larger church body, it is also an opportunity to encourage spiritual growth for those who come to your group. One way to do this is to study a book of the Bible as a group (if that appeals to you and the folks in your group). This offers a great opportunity to provide the people in your group with the tools they need to navigate through God’s Word.


In episode 5 of the CG Leadership Training  podcast, Suz welcomed Steve Sanchez from Moody Bible Institute to explain how to complete a Bible study in a Community Group environment. He brought out five main points in that episode. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to listen to it below. Do you agree with these points? Have you found other resources that might be helpful? Feel free to comment below.


5 Tips For How to Study A Book of the Bible in Your Community Group
  1. General Overviews-
  2. Read It Over and Over-
    • When preparing to study a book of the Bible, repetitive reading of it will give you a better grasp on where it’s going and the context and narrative or meat of the book.
  3. Break It Down-
    • Decide on the front end how long you want to study the book, and break it down over the weeks that you are meeting.
    • Be reasonable, but also don’t plan a study without an end in sight. This can be overwhelming to folks that come to group.
  4. Get Help-
    • There’s nothing wrong with using a commentary and/or other resources to assist you while you study the book.
    • In fact, that’s what a strong student of God’s Word knows…. We are not in this alone. God has provided many many solid teachers to help us.
  5. Don’t Give Up-
    • It may be an overwhelming task to encourage a group through a Bible book study, but you are planting seeds.
    • While you may see fruit during your study, you also may never see the fruit of it.
    • Either way, know that “God’s Word does not return void.” Isaiah 55:11


Steve Sanchez - October 7, 2019

5 Tips For How to Study A Book of the Bible in Your Community Group

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