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Evaluation Team


What is the Evaluation Team?

Oftentimes in churches and organizations, the only way you know about problems is after people get hurt or leave. We don’t want that to be the case for Village Church! We want to know what is working and what needs to change as soon and often as possible. This way we can continue to adjust our systems and ministries to serve people better, and ultimately serve God!

How Does it work?

The Evaluation team is made up of three types of people: Interviewers, Solvers, and Administrators.

  • Meet with members and regular attendees to ask questions. Good listening and discernment are important so that interviewees are understood clearly and trust is maintained.
  • Use a standard list of questions so that trends can be identified.
  • Pass on their interview results to the Administrators for discussion and research.
  • Keep track of who has met with the team as well as responses and survey data.
  • De-identifies responses, so that privacy can be maintained. If people know that they will not be singled out for their answers, they will be more open to fully honest responses. Maintain trust!
  • Catalog data and track trends to determine if there are issues that need to be addressed.
  • Once trends and issues are identified, Solvers work with ministry leaders to adjust strategies/systems and solve the problems.
  • Once solutions are implemented, Solvers return to the Eval Team for another project.
  • Because ministry leaders and volunteers are included in developing solutions, the likelihood of success increases.

What Questions Do You Ask?


Some of the questions we ask at every meeting include:
  • What has kept you coming to Village Church?
  • If you could wake up tomorrow and you could change one thing about Village, what would it be?
  • Has there been an experience where our staff/ministry/event has not served you well?
  • How have you been served well?
  • How has God been moving in your life recently?


Our goal as a team is to meet with every person (16yrs and older) who attends VCOB at least once every 3 years. We know this is ambitious, but we believe the feedback we receive and the connections we make will be irreplaceable. If you want to meet with us, please click below to fill out the form. We’ll contact you soon to set up a meeting. Thank you!