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Village Women

Equipping women to Learn, Live, and Share Jesus

Our Women's Ministries are for women of all stages of life. We passionately disciple women through the study of God's Word, prayer, and encouragement in order prepare them to Go, Grow, and Overcome in their everyday lives.


Spring 2019- Known
This year we are going to explore the theme of being “known” by God and others, and to make Him known in our community.  Our first prayer is we will pursue being known - by God and each other...oh if it was only so simple. God created us to be known, but we are living in a fallen, sinful world. We are conflicted with this because as we desire to be known yet, we fear it. Will I still be accepted if someone really "knows" me? Not the me that I present on social media but the me complete with my weaknesses and sins.  
I want us to live in the reality that God knows us, and He loves us. He forgives us (even the worst things). Doing life in a community of believers ideally creates a safe place when we experience the relationship between confession and forgiveness. We can be loved in our brokenness and our celebrations.
Our second prayer is that when we experience being known, the manifestation of this is that we will make God known. Our lives will "announce" who God is and what He has done as our natural response to being cared for and loved. We have opportunities to make Him known in our lives in the little moments and big ones. 
We are pursuing opportunities where women are equipped to learn, live, and share Jesus.
to be known.
to make God known.

Lisa Lewis

Women's Ministry Director 

spring 2019 events