The Old Testament Blessing As It Relates To Disciple Making

September 7, 2019

This past Sunday’s sermon gave us some insights into disciplemaking that I think would be worthy of a rethink or a listen if you haven’t heard it yet. It was on Genesis 48 and 49.  What it explained was the Old Testament Blessing that Jacob gave to his children, and how we can compare and speak blessing and vision over the people that we are discipling.

You can watch or listen to the sermon below.

Michael Fuelling - September 1, 2019

Joseph Pt. 10: Overcoming…to the End

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Here is how the OT Blessing was broken down-

OT Blessing-

  1. My personal story with God– Question- How can I wield my successes and my failures to uniquely inspire?
  2. God’s promises & truth over my child– Question- What promises and commands of God are uniquely relevant given their gifting, temperament, behavior, and impulses?
  3. Vision for Their Life– Question- If they continue down their current trajectory, what are they capable of?

As we go into disciple-making in our Community Groups, let’s consider how we can inspire folks to continue down a positive path of serving the Lord with satisfaction using the specific gifts that He has personally given to each of them.

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