Multiple Locations (weather permitting)
Sundays at 10:00am

Attendee Information and Guidelines

Registration Opens Sunday Morning and Closes Friday Night At Midnight Each Week

Village Church is excited to launch outdoor worship sites! Please read this document and familiarize yourself with the guidelines and expectations of attending. We are asking each person to be responsible for their own actions and activities, as well as those of any children in their care, while at an outdoor worship site. Worship site hosts will not be policing any behavior on Sunday mornings.

For your safety and for the safety of those attending, if you are experiencing symptoms of any illness, including COVID-19, in the days leading up to Sunday, we ask that you attend Village Church Online from your home. If you are in a CDC Higher Risk Category, we ask that you seriously consider the risk before deciding to attend one of our outdoor worship sites.

If you have any questions, please contact Matt Soules at msoules@vcob.org. We’re excited to worship together!

What is an outdoor worship site?

Village Church is coordinating multiple outdoor worship sites at homes of church family members, each of which will host up to 75 people. These groups will watch Village Church Online together at 10:00 a.m. each Sunday while offering ample space for social distancing of 6-10 feet between family units.

How do I attend an outdoor worship site?

We will require weekly registration for that week’s available worship sites, so each host can plan for the right amount of guests when it comes to parking, supplies for restrooms, and other logistics. Registrations must be made prior to midnight on Friday night for that weekend’s services. If you do not register on time, we kindly ask that you do not show up at a worship site unannounced. Registrations can be made on the Church Center App or the link at the bottom of this document.

With each week’s registration, please indicate how many people from your household will be coming with you for worship. If someone outside your household will be attending with you, you can add them to your registration by clicking on “Add Someone Else” at the bottom of your household list. If you don’t have a Planning Center Online/Church Center profile, you will be prompted to make one the first time you register to attend a worship site.

If you would like to sign up as a group or with another household, please coordinate quickly with those you wish to attend alongside, as worship sites may fill up quickly. Once a worship site has reached its maximum number of individual registrations, it will be closed to new registrations.

Can I attend the same worship site each week?

Worship sites might not remain the same each week and are dependent on host availability, so you will likely attend diferent locations throughout the summer. This is another reason why it’s important to register each week to attend an outdoor worship site.

What do I need to bring?

We’re asking each family that attends an outdoor worship site to bring something to sit on (chairs or a blanket), snacks and/or drinks for your family, and masks for everyone attending with you that is age three or older. Since you’ll be outside, you won’t be required to wear the masks unless you find yourself in a situation where social distancing is not possible, or if the person you are talking to is wearing a mask. In that situation, we ask that you put on your mask to accommodate the other person’s preferences. We also encourage you to wear clothing that is comfortable and appropriate for being outdoors, and bring any toys or activities that may be helpful or fun for your child(ren) during the worship service. Don’t forget to bring along anything else you usually do for outdoor activities, including sunscreen, bug spray, hats, and sunglasses.

What if it rains or the host needs to cancel?

If inclement weather is in the forecast for Sunday morning, we will be unable to host outdoor services that week. We will make that call at 6 p.m. each Saturday evening and send out an email with that notification. If outdoor services are canceled, Village Church Online will still be offered for you to attend at home. If your worship site host needs to cancel for any reason, you will be contacted with an alternate worship site for that week as soon as is possible.

What will services look like?

The outdoor worship services will take our online service and stream it on an outdoor projector, so the structure of the service will remain as you’ve come to expect from Village Church Online. Live worship and preaching will not be provided at each worship site. We do plan to begin observing communion occasionally, and will provide pre-sealed communion elements for those of you who attend an outdoor worship site.

Will outdoor sites have childcare or offer Village Kids?

At the beginning of worship, we will play the 15-minute Village Kids video curriculum for attending kids to watch together. Once it concludes, we will play the Village Church Online service for the attending adults. No childcare will be offered at any outdoor worship sites.

While we will ask for family units to sit together at these worship sites, we know that it is nearly impossible for kids to remain socially distant. Therefore, we are asking anyone who attends an outdoor worship site to be aware that the kids who are there will likely not be socially distant. Likewise, if you as a parent are not comfortable with your children being in close proximity to other children or people, please consider that risk as you determine whether you want to attend an outdoor worship site.

What if I have to use the restroom during Sunday services?

Each one of our worship site hosts has agreed to open one restroom up for use to those who attend on Sunday morning.

** By registering for and/or attending an outdoor worship site, you agree that you have read all of the above and you understand and plan to follow the guidelines. **