Care Ministries

Our Share the Care & Benevolence ministries provide tangible assistance to people experiencing hardships within our church body and local community. Bartlett Community Care Collective also offers tangible support and assistance to those who need it. 

Care Ministries & Benevolence

Both of these ministries are designed to provide practical assistance for families or individuals in need or financial crisis. Our Benevolence Fund is separate from our General Fund and is available and sustained through giving from our congregation. 

Please note: Village Church provides assistance through the Benevolence Fund whenever possible. We can’t always meet every need. These requests are reviewed by the Deacons of Village Church. After prayerful consideration, we will make a determination and advise if we can provide any level of assistance.

If you are in need of assistance, please click the button below to let us know how we could best help you. 

Bartlett Community Care Collective

BC3 provides on-the-ground, tangible support to people in our church family and local community who need assistance. If the care needs listed above do not align with your needs, please visit the BC3 website and see how we can help!