Global Outreach

Being the hands and feet of Jesus across the globe

Village Church is committed to Global Outreach through; our sister-church partnership, short-term mission trips and support, and long-term missionary support.

Global Outreach Partners: Couples

Art and Vicki Reyes

Art & Vicki Reyes

Location: San Jose del Cabo, Mexico @ Adonai Church
Organization: TEAM
Ministry: Church Planting

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Ben and Ashley Dewing

Ben & Ashley Dewing

Location: Crandon, Wisconsin
Organization: Midwest Indian Mission
Ministry: Working with Native American youth

Brian and Sandee Rhodes

Brian & Sandee Rhodes

Location: Tampa; Travels back and forth from IL
Organization: Awana (Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed)
Ministry: Bringing the Gospel to children all around the world.

Dan Shoemaker

Dan & Debbie Shoemaker

Location: Haiti
Organization: RMI (Reciprocal Ministries International)
Ministry: President and Director of Communications at RMI

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Dave and Sue Rousseau

Dave and Sue Rousseau

Location: Cape Town, RSA
Organization: TEAM
Ministry: Bible College in Cape Town & Local Church Outreach

Dawn & Andrew Tlucek

Dawn & Andrew Tlucek

Location: Haiti
Organization: RMI (Reciprocal Ministries International), Acting on Faith
Ministry: RMI communication. Also, hospitality and caring for visiting teams in Haiti. They go with teams to visit their C3 partner churches as the missionary host.

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Jim and Kappy Robinette

Jim and Kappy Robinette

Location: Africa – Uganda
Organization: Commission to Every Nation (CTEN)
Ministry: Children’s Ministry, Evangelism, Discipleship, & Mercy Ministry through Street Kids Ministry, Pastor Training/Bible Literature Distribution, and Pastoral Care & Radio Sermons, Development.

Global Outreach Partners: Organizations


SALT (Systematic Asian Leadership Training)

Location: Asia
Ministry: Assisting the church in Asia by equipping leaders to train others.

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Hope for Kids

Hope for Kidz

Location: Haiti
Ministry: Hope For Kidz is a very important branch of our Ducis Ministry. It enables members of Village Church to sponsor Haitian children to attend school for a year.

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Ducis Baptist Church

Ducis Baptist Church

Location: Haiti
Ministry: We have a church partnership with Ducis Baptist Church in Ducis, Haiti. Over the years, we have had the opportunity to send many short-term mission teams, and we’ve supported them through prayer, gifts, and relationships.

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