Ten weeks of personal and group discipleship

Rooted is 10 weeks of discipleship, life change, and real connection! In Rooted, participants do daily personal devotion time and weekly group time all with the purpose of being more like Jesus. The curriculum is all centered, or Rooted, in God’s Word. If you’ve been following Jesus for years OR if you are new to the church or new to the faith this could just be your next step. Rooted might sound like a community group, but again, it’s unlike a community group because participants only meet 10 weeks and cover topics like Who is God? How does He speak to us? How do I make the most of my life? How do I tell others about Jesus – AND so many more.


Register now to attend the weekly session of Rooted beginning February 18, 2024. 

If you are unable to attend the February – May 2024 session of Rooted, complete the Rooted Interest Survey so we can keep you informed on upcoming Rooted sessions. 

Rooted Testimonials

“Rooted took us back to the foundations of our faith and gave us an opportunity to discuss them among our community. Our faith grew, and our relationships flourished.”

Michelle and Patrick

“Rooted allowed me to dig deeper into the basics of God’s word while challenging me through accountability, scripture, and prayer. It allowed me to be vulnerable with other believers who loved and cared for me spiritually. It was a time of amazing fellowship and strengthened the foundation of my relationship with God.”


“Rooted was a focused, fun, and intentional study of the Bible. The emphasis on Christian fundamentals, the Gospel, prayer, community, sin, personal study, and sharing your own testimony was truly a blessing for me spiritually. During the 10-week study, I built new relationships and was continually pushed, encouraged, and blessed by everyone in the group.”


“I’ve been a believer for more than a few decades and what I loved about Rooted was going back to the basics—like prayer, listening to God, and serving. I also loved being in a learning environment with fellow believers who are in all stages of their Christian walk. I would highly recommend joining a group.”