Living for What Really Matters – Chapter 2

Choosing Joy – Philippians 1:12-26

We gather to talk about the next portion of Philipppians (1:12-26). Each person shares about their take away from the week. We do find out some people are suckers for the “As Seen On TV” section at the store.

Julie was challenged to look at what is robbing her joy and then shares her delight in the Holy Spirit working to connect women’s bible studies and the sermon series. It is pretty unique how often this happens.

Lauren is filled with passion as she talks about vision and mission. As Teresa in the book mentioned Clear Eyes, Full Heart, Can’t Lose – Lauren really was challenged by that and how we have to have our eyes on what really matters. Paul was living this: Live or Die – I can’t lose. Do I live like that?

Breanne shares how she has been wondering how she can “ equip me to choose joy.” Modeling how Paul shifts his perspective. It is easy to look at what is….we need to look at God’s will.

We have a short conversation about reframing. Reframing can often be adding to your perspective or changing the angle. Breanne shares a memorable experience in high school and challenges us to do an at home experiment: walk with a bowl of water.

Julie wears the “so whatter” hat for this week and brings it all together. Some key truths she shares are: so many unknowns in life right now, we need a right sized view of God, remember to reflect on what God is teaching me, and we have a good & gracious God.

How do we live?

  • See experiences as opportunities.
  • Rejoice in what God is doing vs complaining about what he didn’t do
  • Speak: We have to intentionally recognize what God is doing in order to speak about it.

Julie shares a personal story about her nephew & wife. As they walked through a trial, she watched them speak about God and have a testimony of faith. How they walked the trial was a testimony of their faith and choosing joy.

Her final “so what’s” are:

  1. Identify Joy Robbers in your life. List them. Address them
  2. Commit to choose contentment.
  3. Pick a Joy Verse.

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