Living for What Really Matters – Chapter 4

Rising Up – Philippians 2:19 – 30
We review the past few weeks hitting on the fact that Paul will circle around these same themes of Joy and unity throughout the book.

Julie shares about having a perspective of JOY – Jesus, Others, You. How do we become others oriented?

Breanne shares about how Paul uses such deeply emotional words to describe his friendship. There needs to be wisdom and boundaries but there are no words about caring too deeply.

Lisa connects that Paul doesn’t keep these deer friends for himself, but send them to others. He sacrifices his friendship to bless others.

The word: “Partakers.””

Lauren says, “It can be overwhelming to live out all that Paul is saying.” A discussion occurs as the team weighs the idea of how to stay essential to the work of the Lord in the midst of wearing multiple hats.

Breanne – I need an awareness of how I am spending my time, no matter what hat I am wearing – I am staying on mission to love. Our hope for you is for you to ask, “How can I be on mission in the little things?”

How can the way we are wired be part of what we are called to? Then, how can we arise to that calling?

Breanne gives a practical word about “trying” on hats, and that it might take time and effort to really land on where we are called.

Lisa puts on the “So Whatter” Hat.
When we do ministry we do it with other people. We need people to serve together.

Find your role/hat:

  • Times we do ministry with a co-leader
  • Times we are being mentored in ministry
  • Times we are mentoring others.

But God…..

 Indeed he was ill, near to death. But God had mercy on him, and not only on him but on me also, lest I should have sorrow upon sorrow.
Phil 2:27

God changes our story. We are part of His story
With expectations we wait for the “but God”
We then make much of God.
We live out our faith. We cannot give something away that we don’t have
Paul is living out his testimony and doing what he is calling the church to.
Model for others what it looks like to speak about God.
Our words can be such a gift to others in pointing them to God.
Our words encourage and spur each other on.

Are you wearing a hat to be an essential worker of faith?

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